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We want to shine a spotlight on local government because we recognize the importance of who our state and local elected officials. This group is non-partisan but it is political and has liberal and progressive values. 

We value public education, economic development, and infrastructure. We also value democratic participation. 

We want to make voting easier and we want to make getting information about voting easier. We are people working together to create the communities we want. 

AZ Elections 18 encourages reasonable compromise. We are reasonable people looking for reasonable solutions. We are focused on election outcomes, not ideological commitment. Let’s do what it takes to change the composition of the Arizona legislature. We promote pragmatism over partisanship. 

AZ Elections 18 is organic, flexible, and we want your feedback.We recognize that keeping track of local politics isn’t easy. It’s not reported with the same attention that national politics gets. We will use our FB page and mailing lists to get the word out about local issues that matter.

Let's work together, educated, enlightened, motivated and action oriented and make Arizona the wonderful state we know it can and should be. 

Arizona Elections 2018
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